Custom 3D Modeling

Custom 3D Modeling

Custom 3D Modeling

Best Solution 3D Studio is leading custom 3d modeling services. We create intelligent 3D Models to convey your design intent more effectively to all the stakeholders. If you want to professional custom 3d modeling, presentation design services or business presentation services, feel free to contact us!!

Why 3D Modeling

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine any kind of media content without 3D models. High-poly 3D model allows to achieve visual complexity and photorealism of the scene and is a keystone of any animation, presentation or advertising reel.

  • 3D models for pre-rendering are typically high-poly and require 4k (or higher) resolution texture files. One of the key features of pre-rendered 3D model is that adding details (polygons) to the model doesn’t increase the system requirements.
  • 3D models for pre-rendering are used for object visualization which allows to observe objects from different angles and is widely used to illustrate almost any process with breathtaking graphics. High-poly 3D models can possess the highest level of detail that creates a real-life impression and increases the chances of success of a project.

Over the years of work we have created a variety of three-dimensional models for presentations, advertisements, catalogs, manuals and other visualization tools and can produce custom 3D assets of any complexity.

How we work

Manufacturers can join hands with custom 3D modeling and rendering service providers to develop 3D interactive product libraries. Now this will not be a onetime association, because you as a manufacturer will always have new designs and new products that will be added to product line. Hence once you set up an association for a few projects, and find that these projects are well executed and are satisfied with the project delivery, think of taking this association further and build long term relationship with your service provider.

Thinking of a way to showcase your designs, ideas, products or developments – then creating a 3D visualization services could be the way to do it. 

Model creation:

  • from scratch & imagination 
  • from 3D laser scanning & reality capture 
  • from existing 3D model or AEC design data 
  • from a BIM (building information model) or BIM object   

 Model Rendering & shading:

  • Basic flat color
  • Simple textures
  • Texture mapping from photography 
  • Augmenting a photograph 
  • Creating static Jpeg images of the mode 

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