Computer Generated Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery

3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is a highly versatile tool which can be used for high tech illustration across all industries and especially in product development and research.
3D CGI has really expanded in recent years and is now used in a wide range of areas including technical advertising, mobile phone communications, design, corporate presentations, photo realistic special effects, engineering simulations and virtual environments.

Below is some product images generated by computer – performed by Best Solutions 3D team. Our 3D experts combine the photography concepts and the flexibility of the rendering to generate the results.

We’ve captured a few frames from the process. This is very similar to what is done in movies; we’re using the same technology, the same process, the same techniques. In fact, the only difference is our output is for industry, not entertainment.

Why Us

  • Best Solutions 3D Team works 16 hour days to ensure your projects are completed before the deadlines 
  • Best Solutions 3D Team uses the most up-to-date equipment and technology to produce the very best quality to customer specifications
  • Best Solutions 3D Team takes personal interest in each and every production, with a highly competitive price

If you are looking for a team who provides great quality and timely work with minimum cost, we are the best solution.

How we work

Your 2D CAD drawings or sketches are transformed into accurate photo-realistic visualizations.  These CGI’s (Computer Generated Images) enable people to see what you envisage, and make your presentation or marketing really shine.

Our professional will consultant the  Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) solution based on your marketing strategy & campaigns. We can create the location from scratch or use existing photography and overlay it with your proposal. We can add texture and light to your designs, and by accurately aligning the site we can illustrate accurate solar phasing. 

Then we will render the high photography concept quality product images for your advertising campaign, visualize your productdesign 3D catalogs & brochures, 360 panoramic imaging, product animation etc.. Certainly, you also can join hands with custom 3D modeling and rendering service providers to develop 3D interactive product libraries. 

Want to know more?

Please send us the drawings or sketches with your requirement and we will get back you shortly with the best quote.

Recent brands

We created computer generated content – digital renderings and animations.


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